COIOS - the Research Catalyst linking health and longevity

Our mission is to reveal the drivers of future insurance risk through multi-disciplinary research. We believe that combining perspectives from behavioural psychology, public health, clinical medicine, emergent technology and data science provides a window to real insights that benefit both insurers and insureds.

Towards a better understanding of health and mortality risk


Quantifiable Health

 Future models of disease and mortality have to be re-imagined as fit for purpose in the age of quantifiable health.  Better predictions will underpin trusted partnerships between the insured and the insurer.  


Cracking the behaviour code

Behaviour is the product of experience and belief.  Testing in Living  Labs will show how best to promote healthy choices and engage customers throughout the whole insurance value chain. 


Harnessing the digital revolution

The digital revolution sweeping across insurance will transform the scale and speed of data exchange. In a world driven by algorithms, expert insights could be the key remaining differentiator.