At the frontier


DATELINE: 29 February 2020 

Led by Nita Madhav, Metabiota provides a unique perspective on epidemics across the world in near-real time - capturing both high-probability and low-probability events. Combining different layers of data sources from on-the-ground to international synthesis with a global preparedness index that evaluates nations' capacity to detect and respond to threats.

SimplyVital Health

DATELINE: 29 January 2020 

Inspiring talk at  #FutureHealth Basel 2020 by Kat Kuzmeskas, CEO of SimplyVital Health.  This innovative startup extracts, refines and distributes access to healthcare data, supporting both care givers and care seekers with filtered, personalised data that enables better classification and better decisions.  SimplyVital Health never owns nor holds the data, but rather uses blockchain technology to provide permissioned access.  

8billion Minds

DATELINE: 17 January 2020 

Eight Billion Minds from Ieso Digital Health applies deep learning and clinical data science to hundreds of thousands of hours of real-world therapy data to determine what really works to help patients get better. Eight Billion Minds aims to remove barriers to mental healthcare and deliver accessible and personalised psychological therapy on a global scale.